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Drug Crimes

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There are many types of drug charges and each offense has varying degrees in severity of penalties. The charges and penalties will depend on several factors including the type of illegal substance involved, the quantity involved, prior convictions of those involved and the intended use of the substance.

A conviction on drug charges will negatively impact your future. In order to cause the least amount of damage, you need the services of a skilled and aggressive Seattle criminal attorney from our firm.

Types of drug charges.

VUCSA refers to a violation of the uniform controlled substances act. This act clearly lays out what substances are controlled (illegal for use without proper prescription, etc.) as well as theparaphernalia related to the production or use of a controlled substance. For example, if law enforcement finds large quantities of controlled substances used in the manufacture of an illegal drug along with the equipment that is needed to manufacture that drug, the drug crime of drug manufacturing would likely be charged.

Drug possession and possession with intent to distribute (as in the possession of marijuana or other controlled substances) are distinctly different with the latter being a harsher charge with more severe penalties.

Distribution is another drug charge which becomes much more severe if children are the targeted distribution point.

Prescription drugs and drug charges.

When most people consider drug crimes they think of illegal drugs such as marijuana and cocaine. With the availability of dangerous controlled substances in the society, prescription drugsoften make it onto the streets, and those involved frequently initially became addicted through a legitimate prescription.

Dangerous painkillers and mind altering, dangerousanti-depressants can now be found in the illegal drug market. Passing these out to your friends could lead to serious drug charges, a criminal record and possible jail time.

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