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Malicious Mischief Attorneys in Seattle

Charged with malicious mischief?

Malicious mischief refers to the intentional damage or destruction caused to another’s property, usually based on hostile or bitter feelings. There are three degrees of malicious mischief defined by state law and each carries its own set of penalties.

If you or someone close to you has been charged with the crime of malicious mischief, you will want a Seattle criminal attorney from our firm to represent you. Our firm brings more than 3 decades of experience to the defense of you or your loved one. We are dedicated to creating the most ideal outcome possible, especially in juvenile crimes cases.

Third degree malicious mischief is classified as a gross misdemeanor, whereas first and second degrees are felonies. Third degree misdemeanor will normally be charged in cases of tagging and graffiti and it can also include cases where computer records, data, information and programs are interrupted or interfered with. The penalties can include jail time and fines.

If the value of damage exceeds $750 or creates substantial interruption of public service the charge is elevated to a class C felony as second-degree malicious mischief. If the value exceeds $5,000 or the act causes dangerous or hazardous conditions, the charge can be elevated to a class B felony.

A felony conviction will result in prison time and substantial fines as well as the loss of voting rights. A felony conviction on your record will make life more difficult for you and bar you from certain opportunities.

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